Sell Used Clothes On Free Classifieds

Free classifieds are sites where registered users can buy and sell products and services in various categories. Clothing is one of the categories that such sites have. Apart from new clothing, users can also sell used clothes on these free classifieds. Such websites are free and do not charge any fees for either the registration or placing the advertisement.


The used clothes which the user wants to sell can be of any type: Indian or Western. After deciding to sell off the old belongings in clothing, the users of any of these classifieds websites will have to select the pieces of clothing that they want to sell-off. It would be better for it to be properly ironed and folded. When this is done, take high-quality photographs of the items of clothing. These pictures will be needed while posting the ads for sale.


The users can log in to their account and click on the sell option. The list of categories will appear and they can choose clothes on the list. A page will open in which the users need to fill in the details of the clothing like what kind of wear it is, brand, age group, color, material etc. There is a section where the photos taken will need to be uploaded. Once all this is done, click on the submit button. The advertisement for selling used clothes is posted. Interested buyers will contact the sellers through the contact information displayed.


It is to be noted that, these sites are not charity sites which collect old clothes. Only place ads of clothing items that are in good condition and can be wearable. The common items of used clothing that goes on sale on free classifieds are party wear and wedding wear lehenghas and sarees. Having used once by the original user, they do not repeat it other functions or parties. So, they put it up on sale on these classifieds websites. Other commonly sold used clothes on such sites are children clothing which is put up on sale when the children outgrow the