Which Phone You Should Buy

Before buying a phone, you should do some research because it is always a good idea to gain some knowledge before you purchase any product. You can easily do that research by knowing two major mobile platforms android and IOS. Both are a great platform but the features are little different because android is Google’s mobile platform and IOS is apple’s mobile platform. By visiting Wikipedia, you can gain some knowledge about both of these platforms.


Once you decided that which platform mobile you want to buy then you can do another research on which company mobile you want to buy based on your country and service provided by the mobile company. Most companies might not provide good service worldwide some companies in every country will be good in terms on service which is very important. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying Iphone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia or any other brand mobile, the only thing is important how good they provide service in your local city or country.


After knowing the best company of your choice, you can now move to another search for a place to buy a phone because on most ecommerce website you can easily purchase mobile. But in some cases, if you don’t find any best deal or your desire model then you can either visit to your local store or can try free classifieds which is another great way to buy sell mobile online. These days almost everybody buy and sell goods online through free classified website.


It is another form of ecommerce but not literally an ecommerce because it not only let their users buy and sell products but there are also many other categories so much more to do in a classified website. You can easily publish your classifieds ads on classifieds advertising website by saying that I need a mobile phone, including model no. You might also find your local sellers on classifieds website and you can directly call them and ask them if they have your desired phone in stock or not. Some sellers might be able to arrange your desire phone for you on demand.